August 2020 ~ MECHTECH GURU

Gas Welding Equipments: Gas pressure regulators, Welding torch, Torch Tips, Hose pipes, Goggles, Gloves, Spark-lighter, Filler rods, Fluxes

  Gas Welding   Equipments An arrangement of oxy acetylene welding set up is shown in Fig. The basic tools and equipments used for ox...
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GAS WELDING PROCESSES: Oxy-Acetylent Welding, Types of Welding Flames, Neutral Welding Flame, Carburising or Reducing Welding Flame, Oxidising Welding flame, Gas Welding Equipments, Gas pressure regulators,

GAS WELDING PROCESSES A fusion welding process which joins metals, using the heat of combustion of an oxygen /air and fuel gas (i.e...
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