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Ceramic mold casting

Ceramic mold casting

Similar to plaster-mold casting, except that ceramic material is used (e.g. silica or powdered Zircon ZrSiO4). Ceramics are refractory (e.g. the clay hotpot used in Chinese restaurants to cook some dishes), and also have higher strength that plaster.

- The ceramic slurry forms a shell over the pattern;

- It is dried in a low temperature oven, and the pattern is removed

- Then it is backed by clay for strength, and baked in a high temperature oven to burn off any volatile substances.

- The metal is cast same as in plaster casting.

This process can be used to make very good quality castings of steel or even stainless steel; it is used for parts such as impellor blades (for turbines, pumps, or rotors for motor-boats).

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