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Swinging Field d.c. Dynamometer

Swinging Field d.c. Dynamometer

Basically, a swinging field d.c. dynamometer is a d.c. shunt motor so supported on trunnion bearings to measure their action torque that the outer case and filed coils tend to rotate with the magnetic drag. Hence, the name swinging field. The torque is measured with an arm and weighing equipment in the usual manner.

Many dynamometers are provided with suitable electric connections to run as motor also. Then the dynamometer is reversible, i.e. works as motoring as well as power absorbing device.

-When used as an absorption dynamometer it works as a d.c. generator and converts mechanical energy into electric energy which is dissipated in an external resistor or fed back to the mains.

-When used as a motoring device an external source of d.c. voltage is needed to drive the motor.

The load is controlled by changing the field current.

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