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Measurement of friction power

Measurement of friction power

-The difference between indicated power and the brake power output of an engine is the friction power.

-Almost invariably, the difference between a good engine and a bad engine is due to difference between their frictional losses.

-The frictional losses are ultimately dissipated to the cooling system (and exhaust) as they appear in the form of frictional heat and this influences the cooling capacity required. Moreover, lower friction means availability of more brake power; hence brake specific fuel consumption is lower.

-The bsfc rises with an increase in speed. Thus, the level of friction decides the maximum output of the engine which can be obtained economically.

The friction force power of an engine is determined by the following methods :

(a) Willan‟s line method.

(b) Morse test.

(c) Motoring test.

(d) Difference between ip and bp.

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