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Hydraulic dynamometer

Hydraulic Dynamometer

Hydraulic dynamometer works on the principle of dissipating the power in fluid friction rather than in dry friction.

-In principle its construction is similar to that of a fluid flywheel.

-It consists of an inner rotating member or impeller coupled to the output shaft of the engine.

-This impeller rotates in a casing filled with fluid.

-This outer casing, due to the centrifugal force developed, tends to revolve with the impeller, but is resisted by a torque arm supporting the balance weight.

Hydraulic dynamometer

-The frictional forces between the impeller and the fluid are measured by the spring-balance fitted on the casing.

-The heat developed due to dissipation of power is carried away by a continuous supply of the working fluid, usually water.

-The output can be controlled by regulating the sluice gates which can be moved in and out to partially or wholly obstruct the flow of water between impeller, and the casing.

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