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Time study and the main objectives of time study

Time study 

It was proposed  by  Frederick  Taylor  and  later  modified  to  include  a  performance  rating (PR)  adjustment. 

Once  the  method  is  established,  the  next  objective  is  to  set  the  standard  time  for  the  work. This aspect  of  work  study  is called  Time study  (or  Work  measurement). 

The main objectives of  time study are: 

1)  To  determine  the  standard time  for  various  operations which  helps in fixing  wage  rates and incentives. 

2)  To  estimate the cost  of  product  accurately. 

3)  To  predict  accurately  the  duration  for  a  particular  work  and  customer  is  promised accordingly. 

4)  To determine the number  of  machines  an operator  can  run. 

5)  To determine the optimum  number  of  men and machine.

 6)  To provide  information  for  planning  and scheduling. 

7)  To balance  the  work  of  all  workers working  in a group.

 8)  To  compare the work  efficiency  of  different  workers/operators. 

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