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TEMPERATURE: what is temperature


The temperature is a thermal state of a body which distinguishes a hot body from a cold body. The temperature of a body is proportional to the stored molecular energy i.e., the average molecular kinetic energy of the molecules in a system. (A particular molecule does not have a temperature, it has energy. The gas as a system has temperature).

Instruments for measuring ordinary temperatures are known as thermometers and those for measuring high temperatures are known as pyrometers.

It has been found that a gas will not occupy any volume at a certain temperature. This temperature is known as absolute zero temperature. The temperatures measured with absolute zero as basis are called absolute temperatures. Absolute temperature is stated in degrees centigrade. The point of absolute temperature is found to occur at 273.15°C below the freezing point of water. Then : 

Absolute temperature = Thermometer reading in °C + 273.15.

Absolute temperature is degree centigrade is known as degrees kelvin, denoted by K (SI unit).

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