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online masters degree in business administration: What is distance MBA, Distance MBA program has the following characteristics

online masters degree in business administration

What is distance MBA 

Distance Learning is a system wherein teachers and learners need not necessarily be present either at same place or same time. It is flexible in regard to modalities and timing of teaching,learning and admission without compromising necessary quality considerations

Distance MBA program has the following characteristics 

1. It is not really equivalent to a traditional MBA. The course curriculum , examination and teaching standards are strictly regulated by the concerned authorities and therefore, distance MBA is recognized as an full MBA degree. 

2. Distance MBA gives you unparalleled flexibility: traditional MBA programs make it impossible for you to take up any other activity or responsibility during your course duration. Distance MBA programs on the other hand give you the space and time to balance your work or personal life with your MBA schedule. 

3. Distance MBA is structured by professionals and industry experts based on the market and industry demands and thus, it can help students and professionals alike to enhance their domain knowledge and gain expertise through in-depth theoretical learning.

Accreditation/Government Approved

While in the previous section we have covered that distance MBA programs offer you the same degree as conventional courses, it is very pertinent to note that accreditation of your degree is an important factor in various companies and government jobs. 

Just like you would for any traditional course, it is very important to make the right selection for your distance MBA educational institution as not all educational institutions offer recognised distance MBA degrees.

There are six types of institutions offering distance education today

● National Open University

● State Open Universities Distance Education Institutions (DEIs) at-

 - Institutions of National Importance

- Central Universities

 - State Universities

- Deemed to be Universities

- State Private Universities

● DEIs at Stand alone Institutions

 - Professional Associations

 - Government Institutions

 - Private institutions

Distance MBA programmes in India need to be approved by a tripartite committee of AICTE, DEC and UGC for recognition and for government jobs in India. Recognition of distance colleges is taken very seriously by the government - the list of checks is quite elaborate

Is distance MBA right for you

It is pertinent to ask whether one should actually go for distance MBA?

Though enrolment numbers for distance MBA rose on average 7 per cent for the 15 schools in the 2016 ranking of Financial TImes Online MBA Ranking , just 5 like in life, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to this question, but we can attempt to answer this by grouping the potential applicants into:

● Working professionals: If you are a working professional, distance MBA has numerous advantages on offer for you such as

- It can aid you in your career growth and can help you to reach the next milestone in the professional journey.

- It offers you much needed flexibility where you can balance your work and personal life with your studies

- You can keep working while you pursue your degree. Therefore, you won't have to take a financial hit nor take a break from your career.

- You can ask your current employer to sponsor your studies, thus saving you the costs associated with pursuing the programme.

- Visa regulations have been tightening across the globe in general and the UK and USA in particular, thus it is often the only option to get an MBA degree from a foreign Institution.

● Students/Freshers : We would advise freshers against distance MBA if they have other avenues available for the conventional MBA as

- Distance MBA does not give you real life experience that is offered by conventional MBAs. Experience is something which freshers lack and the market demands.

- Freshers would be missing on valuable internship opportunities which not only provide experience but can also be converted into a placement offer.

- Distance MBA only offers you theoretical knowledge which we all know from our college experience, is of limited practical use. Thus, you may be left behind your peers who may have opted for conventional MBAs.

- Last but not the least, you may have limited job prospects after pursuing distance MBA as while the central government of India has made its position clear, that it would be accepting distance MBA from recognised institutes, it is the prerogative of the concerned employer to take a view on the recognition of the degree.

Thus we would advise only those freshers to go for distance MBA who may want the MBA title for reasons other than employment such as due to the status associated with the MBA title for those who have an established family business or those who may want it for matrimonial purposes.

Where to go for distance MBA

It is not only important to decide upon what to do, but also how to do it? In this chapter we will discuss the various options available to you for undergoing distance MBA.

A good benchmark of which institute you should choose can be assessed from the ranking given by reputable publications. There are numerous options available at home and abroad for you to choose from, you can choose these options depending on your eligibility and budget. 


There are numerous institutions in India that offer distance MBA, As of December 2012, UGC is the sole regulating body in the country for distance education and it grants approval to institutes for courses that follow certain standards and guidelines.

You can get a comprehensive list of all the institutes that have been accredited by following this link directly to the distance education bureau of UGC.

You can go to this Mbaglue article to get a listing of best distance MBA colleges in India. While you can visit this page to get a comprehensive comparison of various distance

MBA programs in India, where you can find out about the costs and it also offers reviews by current and former students.


You must exercise due caution while selecting an institute abroad so that you don’t fall prey to unscrupulous colleges. We have compiled various resources for you so that you can select the best institute

You are encouraged to make use of these following resources to get ranking of various institutes

Princeton review gives you a listing of various online programs in US.

Financial times online MBA ranking lists MBA programs on the basis of average salary increase after completion of program 

Top MBA online MBA ranking gives you a comprehensive list of online programs by country, course fee, score etc

Professionals and students alike should make sure that the institute offering distance

MBA is accredited as you would have more opportunities if your MBA is recognized by the government.

If you are opting for a distance learning program abroad, ensure that the country specific regulator recognises the institute.Here are the websites of regulators of popular destinations

● The Open & Distance Learning Quality Council for the UK

● The USA has multiple accreditors and you can search the complete list here or go to this wiki link

Although distance learning is far cheaper than conventional courses, a distance MBA program abroad can still be quite expensive. However, just like in conventional courses, you have the option of availing various scholarships to cushion the financial impact on yourself. Please go to mbaglue scholarship article to know more


Q. Which institutes offer the best Distance MBA in India?

A. The ranking of the institutions fluctuate on a year to year basis and depending on whom you ask. However, some of the reputable institutes in India are Symbiosis Centre of Distance Learning (Pune), ICFAI Business School (Hyderabad), Indira Gandhi National Open University (New Delhi) and Institute of Management Technology Centre for Distance Learning. Please note that this is an illustrative list and not an exhaustive one. You can make use of the resources provided in the previous chapter to know the global ranking of various institutions.

Q. Should I go for distance MBA?

A. We have tried answering this question in the previous chapters, you may refer them for our in-depth coverage. To recap, distance MBA is beneficial for working professionals to help them in their careers. For freshers, it is far more rewarding to go for conventional MBA, however if you are studying, distance MBA may help you in acquiring managerial skills along with your field of study.

Q. What are the costs associated with distance MBA in India and abroad?

A. Distance MBA in India can cost your from Rs 35,000 to 5 Lakhs depending on the institution and course you choose, you can visit this link or this mbaglue article  to know more. There is a wide variation in the costs offered by global institutions, you can either download the brochure or contact the admissions officer of the concerned institution to know more.

Q. What criteria should I choose while selecting an institution?

A. It can be quite confusing to select the right institution from among the many choices available. Therefore, we recommend that you start with the following criteria while making a selection:

● Whether the institution is accredited or not (refer chapter on accreditation)

● Where does the institution stand in terms of ranking

● Do they offer any courses relevant to your current field of study/work

● Are they offering any scholarships that might be applicable to you

● Talk to past students and get their feedbacks

Q. Is distance MBA easier than conventional MBA?

A. Distance MBA is easier in terms of the flexibility it provides to you. However, you should ensure that you take the program seriously just as you would a conventional program. Make sure that you study throughout the year rather than rushing before exams and submit all your assignments on time. One of the biggest advantage of distance MBA , i.e., no fixed schedule can turn out to be its biggest disadvantage for you if you are not self-disciplined and focussed.

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