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Maintenance Functions and Activities

Maintenance Functions and Activities

The functions and activities of the maintenance organization are as follows:

⦁ Identifying areas for implementation of preventive maintenance program. 

⦁ Making suitable arrangements for maintenance facilities for carrying out the maintenance works properly.

⦁ Planning an scheduling the total maintenance work

⦁ Ensuring proper and timely supply of spare parts.

⦁ Managing proper inventory control of materials spares and tools required for maintenance.

⦁ Standardization of maintenance work.

⦁ Implementing modifications to the existing equipment wherever possible.

⦁ Assisting the purchase department in processing materials.

⦁ Identification of obsdate and surplus equipment for replacement and disposals.

⦁ Training of maintenance personnel.

⦁ Analysis of future demands and forecast the role of maintenance activities.

⦁ Implementation of safety norms and procedures

⦁ Ensuring safety of personnel and equipment.

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