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Applications of capillarity

Applications of capillarity

1. Lubricating oil spread easily on all parts because of their low surface tension.

2. Cotton dresses are preferred in summer because cotton dresses have fine pores which act as capillaries for sweat.

3. Dirt get removed when detergents are added while washing clothes because surface tension of water is reduced.

4. The absorption of ink by a blotting paper is due to capillary action, as the blotting paper is porous. When it is placed over the ink, the ink raises into the pores. Also rise of oil in the wick of a lamp is due to capillary action.

5. If one end of a towel is dipped into a bucket of water and the other end hangs over the bucket, the entire towel soon becomes wet due to capillary action.

6. The supply of water to the leaves at the top of even a tall tree is through capillary rise.

7. A fabric can be waterproof, by adding suitable waterproofing materials to the fabric. This addition increases the angle of contact, thereby making the fabric waterproof.

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