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Microscopic Approach and Macroscopic Approach

Microscopic Approach and Macroscopic Approach

Microscopic Approach

The approach considers that the system is made up of a very large number of discrete particles known as molecules. These molecules have different velocities are energies. The values of these energies are constantly changing with time. This approach to thermodynamics, which is concerned directly with the structure of the matter, is known as statistical thermodynamics.

The behavior of the system is found by using statistical methods, as the number of molecules is very large. So advanced statistical and mathematical methods are needed to explain the changes in the system.

The properties like velocity, momentum, impulse, kinetic energy and instruments cannot easily measure force of impact etc. that describe the molecule.

Large numbers of variables are needed to describe a system. So the approach is complicated.

Macroscopic Approach

In this approach a certain quantity of matter is considered without taking into account the events occurring at molecular level. In other words this approach to thermodynamics is concerned with gross or overall behavior. This is known as classical thermodynamics.

The analysis of macroscopic system requires simple mathematical formula.

The value of the properties of the system are their average values. For examples consider a sample of gas in a closed container. The pressure of the gas is the average value of the pressure exerted by millions of individual molecules.

In order to describe a system only a few properties are needed.

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