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Polymers, Properties of polymers and Limitations of polymers


Carbon-based compounds

• Chain of H-C molecules. Each repeat unit of H-C is a monomer e.g. ethylene (C2H4), Polyethylene – (–CH2 –CH2)n.

• Polymers include the familiar plastic and rubber materials.

• Many of them are organic compounds that are chemically based on carbon, hydrogen, and other nonmetallic elements (viz. O, N, and Si).

• They have very large molecular structures, often chain-like in nature that have a backbone of carbon atoms. Some of the common and familiar polymers are polyethylene (PE), nylon, poly (vinyl chloride)(PVC), polycarbonate (PC), polystyrene (PS), and silicone rubber.

Properties of polymers

• Low densities, not as stiff nor as strong as ceramics and metals.

• Extremely ductile and pliable (i.e., plastic).

• Relatively inert chemically and unreactive in a large number of environments.

Limitations of polymers

• Tendency to soften and/or decompose at modest temperatures, which, in some instances,limits their use.

• Low electrical conductivities and are nonmagnetic. 

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