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GREEN SAND MOLDING: Advantages of Green sand molding


Green sand molding is the most widely used molding process. The green sand used for molding consists of silica, water and other additives. One typical green sand mixture contains 10 to 15% clay binder, 4 to 6% water and remaining silica sand. The green sand mixture is prepared and used in the molding procedure described in section 12.8 is used to complete the mold (cope and drag). Cope and drag are then assembled and molten metal is poured while mould cavity is still green. It is neither dried nor baked. Green sand molding is preferred for making small and medium sized castings. It can also be applied for producing non-ferrous castings. It has some advantages which are given as under.

Advantages of Green sand molding

 1. It is adaptable to machine molding

 2. No mould baking and drying is required.

 3. Mold distortion is comparatively less than dry sand molding.

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