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Career as Engineer: Mechanical Engineers, Career options for aspiring mechanical engineers, Mechanical Engineers

Career as Engineer ( Mechanical Engineers)

design, operate and maintain machines, components, machine tools, manufacturing systems and processes, components of thermal power stations, solar energy, air conditioning and refrigeration and industrial engineering. They are involved in both the fundamental and applied aspects of these areas


Career options for aspiring mechanical engineers

Most mechanical engineering jobs require design experience. When a need comes about for a new or improved product, companies call upon mechanical engineers to do the job. Engineers have to push beyond the limits of their previous work and use innovative technology to meet project requirements successfully.


A second major area of employment for mechanical engineers is manufacturing. Manufacturing jobs cover nearly everything involved in developing a product, from selecting the appropriate materials to choosing the correct machinery to manufacture the product. Most mechanical engineers in this industry work for equipment manufacturers, aerospace companies, utilities, material processing plants, transportation companies, and petroleum companies. They also work with small firms, consulting practices, universities, and government research labs.

Some mechanical engineering titles and their functions include:

Automotive engineer

 Mechanical engineers design many car parts for the automobile industry. As an automotive engineer, you could solve transportation and safety problems by creating better and more efficient engines or by developing improved safety features

Biomedical engineer

 Mechanical engineers work with a variety of medical professionals to design mobility aids, prosthetics, and artificial organs.


 Once mechanical engineers have gained significant on-the-job experience and developed a high level of expertise, they might choose to work for themselves as consultants or independent contractors. Here they can work on projects of their choosing for clients they respect. The consulting field offers opportunities in large and small engineering service firms and in private practice.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) engineer

In this field, engineers design refrigeration systems for making frozen foods, or air-conditioning and heating systems for businesses and industrial buildings, residential homes, autos, hospitals, and schools.

Nuclear engineer

 The design of nuclear power plants requires the services of a mechanical engineer. The engineer must understand the fundamentals of nuclear design, know how to operate the plant efficiently, and evaluate the environmental factors associated with nuclear plants.

Robotics engineer

A mechanical engineer may design machines that build other machines. For instance, a robotics engineer may be involved with creating the devices that are used in assembling automobiles. Engineers are concerned with the robot's structure, its joint mechanisms, bearings, and heat transfer characteristics.


A desire to help mold the next generation of engineers motivates some mechanical engineers to move into academic careers. Engineers in colleges oversee research activities, manage laboratories, and mentor students. They also write and publish books and technical papers about mechanical engineering.

Options for B.Tech mechanical engineers are get a job in government sector. This could include various positions in:

1. ONGC (Oil & Natural Gas Corporation)
2. DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization)
3.  SAIL (Steel Authority of India)
4.  NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation)
5.  VSSC (Vikram Sarabhai Space Center)
6. ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation)
7.  IOC (Indian Oil Corporation) etc..

Another idea that comes to mind is go for GATE Mechanical Engineering. This could let you pursue:

 M.Tech or M.E. (Mechanical Engineering)

Here you can choose some subject for specialization.

1.  Automobile Engineering
2. Industrial Engineering
3.  Thermal Engineering
4. Product Design and Development
5.  Computer Integrated Manufacturing
6. Manufacturing Engineering
7. Material Technology
8. Engineering Design
9. Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing
10. Energy Engineering & Management
11. Mechatronics Engineering etc.

Another idea is to go for a career in IT Sector to work on mechanical/automobile related projects.

Following companies regularly recruit Mechanical Engineers in India for various IT-Mech projects:

1. Infosys
2. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
3. Wipro
4.  IBM
5. Tata Technologies
6. Accenture

Another idea is to go for M.S. from abroad universities

There are many specialized programs to suit your interests. Major countries that have top ranking universities for students wanting to pursue in a branch related to Mechanical engineering for M.S. (Master of Sciences) are:
1. USA
2. Germany
3. Japan etc.

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