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System and Surroundings

 System and Surroundings

We introduce boundaries in our study called the system and surroundings.


The boundaries are set up in a way most conducive to understanding the energetics of what we're studying.


Defining the system and surroundings is arbitrary, but it becomes important  when  we  consider the exchange of energy between the system and surroundings.


Two types of exchange can occur between system and surroundings:

 (1) energy exchange  (heat, work, friction, radiation, etc.) and


(2) matter exchange (movement of molecules across the boundary of the system and surroundings).


Based on the types of exchange which take place  or don't take place, we will define three  types of systems: 

 isolated systems: no exchange of matter or energy  

closed systems: no exchange of matter but some exchange of energy 

open systems: exchange of both matter and energy

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