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Specification of Machine Tools

Specification of Machine Tools:- 
 A machine tool may have a large number of various features and characteristics. But only some specific salient features are used for specifying a machine tool. All the manufacturers, traders and users must know how are machine tools specified. The methods of specification of some basic machine tools are as follows:
 1. Centre lathe 
 • Maximum diameter and length of the jobs that can be accommodated

 • Power of the main drive (motor)   

 • Range of spindle speeds       

 • Range of feeds

 • Space occupied by the machine.

 2. Shaping machine

 • Length, breadth and depth of the bed

 • Maximum axial travel of the bed and vertical travel of the bed / tool

 • Maximum length of the stroke (of the ram / tool)

 • Range of number of strokes per minute

 • Range of table feed

 • Power of the main drive

 • Space occupied by the machine

3. Drilling machine (column type)

• Maximum drill size (diameter) that can be used

• Size and taper of the hole in the spindle • Range of spindle speeds

• Range of feeds

• Power of the main drive

• Range of the axial travel of the spindle / bed

• Floor space occupied by the machine

 4.  Milling machine (knee type and with arbour)

• Type; ordinary or swiveling bed type

• Size of the work table

• Range of travels of the table in X-Y-Z directions

• Arbour size (diameter)

• Power of the main drive

• Range of spindle speed

• Range of table feeds in X-Y-Z directions

• Floor space occupied.

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