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Reinforcement phases of metal matrix composite (MMC)

Reinforcement phases of MMC:-
The dispersed phase of the composite is called reinforcing phase, and this is a minor phase of composite materials. Reinforcement phase enhances the mechanical properties, and other functional properties of the composite materials, such as electrical property, thermal property etc. depending on the selected reinforcement phase. Generally, reinforcement is harder, stronger and stiffer than matrix. The geometry of the reinforcement particles is one of the major parameters for determining the performance of the metal matrix composite materials. The mechanical properties of MMC materials depend on the concentration, shape, size, and dimensions of the reinforcement particles. Particle like reinforcements phase reinforced composites has nearly equal dimension and other properties in all directions. The shape of the reinforcing particles may be spherical, cubical, plate like and may have regular or irregular geometry. Reinforcement phase used in the MMC materials reduces the cost, weight, and improves some properties of the composite materials. Some of the common reinforcement phase used in the MMC are silicon carbide, boron, silicon oxide, carbon based etc. The shape of the reinforcement phase plays a vital role in dispersion and distribution of filler into matrix

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