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Refrigeration:- Refrigeration is the science of the producing and maintaining temperature below that of the surrounding atmosphere.

Production of refrigeration:-
(a) By melting of a solid.

(b) By sublimation of a solid.

(c) By evaporation of a liquid.

Refrigeration system:-

1. Ice refrigeration system.

2. Air refrigeration system.

3. Vapour compression refrigeration system.

4. Vapour absorption refrigeration system.

5. Special refrigeration system:-

i. Adsorption refrigeration system.

ii. Cascade refrigeration system.

iii. Mixed refrigeration system.

iv. Votex tube refrigeration system.

v. Thermoelectric refrigeration system.

vi. Steam jet refrigeration system.

Heat engines, Refrigerators, Heat pumps:-

Heat engines:- A heat engine may be defined as a device that operates in a thermodynamic cycle and does a certain amount of net positive work through the transfer of heat from a high temperature body to a low temperature body. A steam power plant is an example of a heat engine.

Refrigerators:- A refrigerator may be defined as a device that operates in a thermodynamic cycle and transfers a certain amount of heat from a body at a lower temperature to a body at a higher temperature by consuming certain amount of external work. Domestic refrigerators and room air conditioners are the examples. In a refrigerator, the required output is the heat extracted from the low temperature body.

Heat pumps:- A heat pump is similar to a refrigerator, however, here the required output is the heat
rejected to the high temperature body.
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