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BARC Interview questions

BARC Interview questions:-
  •  Draw Rankine Cycle and give its physical significance of every point.
  •  Why not we feed the steam from turbine to boiler? If lower line brought to y=0 then what is the efficiency and physical situation?
  •  Pascal's law and Pascal Paradox?
  •  Explain shear force and bending moment diagram of all possible cases of loading
  •  Heat transfer between slabs having temp. gradient, temperature profile. Find thermal conductivity K. Find same thing for a cylinder case. modification of temp. profile for both cases when there is heat generation too involved.
  •   Details on Thermal conductivity  K , and Convection Coefficient h.
  •  Modes of Heat transfer? Which is 4th one.
  • Design of shafts is not based on Shear forces. Why?
  • Where to place a pump along vertical head line ?
  •  Log. profile in heat exchanger? concave or Convex?
  • While inflating a balloon P and V both are increasing. Violets Boile' s law. Explain.
  • Explain True and Engineering strain.
  • Stress-strain diagram. Very detailed knowledge reqd.
  •   Shear profile in a cross section of a beam.
  •  In pelton wheel turbine cup, both outward and inward speed are equal. explain.
  •  Cavitations, Water Hammer. Explain.
  •  Why wind speed is high in summer.
  •  Heat transfer on Horizontal and Vertical plates
  •   TEMA standards?
  •  Yield point of Al does not exist. How to decide?
  •  Pump and Compressor difference.
  •   Efficiency of Carnot cycle why not perfect?
  •  Explain PMMs.
  •  Questions from favourite papers (tell core conceptual papers).
  •  Design of air duct.
  •  Charles law , Boyle's law.
  •  If 2 cylinders connected by a pipe to allow the gases to diffuse, then draw the PV and TS diagrams of process.
  • Why we opt PV in some cases while TS diagrams in others?
  •  Draft Tube?
  •  Acceln.-time graph and Velo. time graph interconversion. Questions from Kinematics.


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